About Daniel’s

Daniel’s All Natural Toothpowder is the brainchild of Dan Keeler, a veteran journalist based in Harlem, New York City. 

As you’d expect from a journalist, Dan’s always asking questions and questioning assumptions and one day, about a dozen years ago, he found himself asking, “Does my toothpaste really need all these chemicals in it?”

Turns out it doesn’t. After doing some pretty extensive research, Dan discovered that most of those ingredients—especially the ones whose names you can’t pronounce—don’t even help clean your teeth, they’re loaded in there simply to create and preserve the gooey, frothy paste. 

Coming from a long line of inventors who enjoyed nothing more than devising elegant solutions to knotty problems, Dan immediately thought, “I can do better.”

A couple of years of experimentation and testing later he’d created an all-natural toothpaste that cleaned, freshened and protected his pearly whites. But there was one problem—it was impossible to keep the paste stable and create that frothy feeling without adding some of those pesky chemicals like gum and soap.

And that’s when he had an epiphany: “Paste” is the problem.

Stop trying to make it a paste and suddenly you have a dental care product that’s everything you need and nothing you don’t! It's clean, fresh, antibacterial, healthy, natural. And effective.

Daniel’s toothpowder was born. 

Dan’s been using it ever since, and despite having English teeth, which are, of course, infamous for their lack of durability, he hasn’t had a single new cavity.

The best thing? Daniel’s All Natural Toothpowder isn’t just great at keeping your teeth clean, it helps prevent gingivitis, it restores the natural pH balance in your mouth, and it freshens your breath.

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