Daniel’s: Refreshingly different

Most people who try it love Daniel’s. They appreciate how their mouth feels as fresh and clean as if they’d just been to the dentist. They love the fact that it contains no scary chemicals—nothing, in fact, except pure, natural ingredients that help fight decay, freshen their breath and keep their teeth sparkling clean.

But using powder instead of paste to clean your teeth feels very different. It doesn’t froth and fill your mouth with foam. But that’s because it doesn’t have soap in it, which is how pastes create that froth.

Dipping your brush in the jar might take a bit of getting used to, too. But fear not! The natural anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil and baking soda mean you can dip your way, day after day, to the bottom of the jar without worrying about anything icky happening!

So go ahead—try it! We think you’ll love it from the get go, but if it takes a while, don’t worry. Some of our most loyal fans took a week off after trying it for a few days but then found themselves strangely relieved to come back to Daniel’s after (suffering through) a week of chemically-generated full-mouthed foaminess!

And of course, doing anything new can take a bit of adjusting—specially if you’re changing a lifelong routine. But trust us—this is one routine that’s definitely worth changing.

Daniel’s: You’ll (probably) love it!