Our Mission

With just three ingredients—organic peppermint oil, organic tea tree oil and natural baking soda—Daniel’s All Natural toothpowder is good for your teeth, good for your gums and good for the planet.

We firmly believe it’s the best-tasting all-natural dental care product out there, but we're not happy just making a great-tasting and effective alternative to regular chemical toothpaste.

We also want to give people around the world access to a great-tasting, healthy and affordable dental care product.

That’s why we created the “Business-in-a-Box” program.

We will commit 10% of the money we make selling toothpowder through this site to helping budding entrepreneurs around the world get their start in business. Each “business-in-a-box” will contain everything our newly-minted future business mogul will need to set up their own toothpowder business, from the ingredients, packaging and labels to advice from mentors who will help guide them to success.

This is not about giving a tiny sliver of our profits to charity to make us feel better, it’s about using a meaningful portion of our revenue to directly support people who believe in their own future.

We know it’s going to eat into our profits, but that’s kinda the point. We’re selling this toothpowder to you because we believe in it, and we know you want a natural alternative to the chemical pastes the big consumer products companies have been force-feeding us.

Were also betting you have an appetite to help us help the billions of people on this planet who currently don't have access to effective dental hygiene products. As more and more entrepreneurs around the world build their own toothpowder businesses, more and more people will get access to a healthy, earth-friendly toothcare.

Billions more reasons to dip, brush, smile!   

Daniel’s All Natural toothpowder: Dip, brush, smile.